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Engagement Session

What should we wear?

     Ladies: always wear something that you feel AMAZING in, it always shows up on camera.

Bright colors will enhance the landscape, whereas darker/neutral colors are great for bringing attention to your face.

Make sure that if you choose to wear a pattern that only one of you are wearing a pattern at a time, or it will be too busy!

Always choose classic over trendy.

Stay away from baggy clothes, stripes and plaid, they never flatter your figure.

ALWAYS bring a change of clothes for both of you, dress for your personality and always make it fun.

   Hair and Makeup: YES!!! Splurge here for sure!! You will be so glad you did...


...and lucky for you I have discounts for all of my ladies for the most sought after makeup artist in Arab. 


Don't forget the nails!...we will be doing close-ups of that rock and you don't want your nail polish chipped!

Men...Do not get a haircut the day before or of your session, but do get one at least a week out.



    Gents: Bring a few different shirts that compliment your lady.

A button down always trumps a t-shirt. Solid is always a good choice.

Remember, if you are unsure what to wear always ask your bride-to-be….after all she will be showing off these pictures for years to come.

Where should we take our pictures?

                I have several places we can choose from, depending on your style.


However, my favorites are places that are meaningful to you. Where you first met, said I love your or even where he proposed.


It is these moments you will look back on for YEARS and having a place that is special to you, makes it even more precious.

Travel Costs? Any venue you pick that is over 25 miles away from me, is $50 additional fee, up to 50 miles away. Over 50 miles is a custom quote.


What is the best time of day to shoot?

                The photographers dream time is Sunrise and Sunset.


will typically schedule an engagement session in the early morning or about 2-3 hours before sunset.


The lighting truly makes all the difference in the quality of the photographs, as well as where you have them printed

(but that is another question)


When will our proofs be ready?

                Typically turn around time is 2-4 weeks per session.


If you are needing them earlier for showers/invitations please let me know at booking so we can accommodate.


When I begin working on your session I will post a sneak peek on social media.


Once your session is ready for proofs I will post up to 10 of my favorite images and send you a link to view your session.

Take your time and favorite, click the star under each image, your top choices. Have a hard time picking your favorites, no worries any image chosen over the number included in your package is just $5 each.

Once you have selected please let me know and I will send your own personal code. With this code you can download to any device as many times as you would like, and share with family too.

Would you rather have a CD ( $5) or USB ($10) ? Simply let me know and I will have them ready to pick up for you.


Should we use a theme, props or pets?

                Please bring anything that will make your pictures creative and unique, but please do not bring every Pinterest craft you have made with your initials ( unless you have booked the 3 hour session) haha.

Your favorite hats, ties, sunglasses or scarf can compliment your outfits.

Chalkboards and chalk are a great thing to bring for a variety of ideas ( think thank you cards)...

Pets: Everyone asks and I love them! Feel free to bring for your shoot but first lets make sure that they are approved by the venue we are going to, or that you have brought someone to entertain them while we finish up.

Also, treats and a leash are both must haves!! ( They love me better when I give them surprises).


Why would I want to order prints?

                This is a very valid question, considering how convenient stores have made 24 hour pickup. However, if you have a favorite image you want to gift or frame, I would spend the extra money to make sure that it is printed correctly. And here is why...

Ordering from me comes with prints from a professional company, color accuracy, and satisfaction guarantee.

Should you do this for every single picture? Definitely not! But I would highly recommend it if it will be hanging on your wall or given as a gift. It will ship to me first and I will triple check that it is up to par with my standards, or I will have them reprinted free of charge.

Example: I had a customer use a well known store to print her images out, they came out grainy and poor quality. I, in turn, reprinted them through my company and even splurged and added a matte finish. H U G E difference. The paper felt rich, the colors popped and the customer was well pleased.


Turn Around Time: Please Allow 2-3 weeks for prints to arrive


Package One

Package Two

Package Three

1 hour

1 outfit change

20 edited images

Proof Gallery


1.5 hours

2 locations

3 outfit changes

30 edited images

Proof Gallery

1- 8X10


2 hours

3 locations

4 outfit changes

50 images

Proof Gallery

$25 Prints Credit

$10 off makeup


Add Ons

** Hair and Makeup $80/ Makeup Only $50

*** additional hours $150

**** prints and canvas available on site

***** payment plans are available


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