Meet Samantha

"Take care of your memories, for you cannot relive them."                                                                                                  -Bob Dylan

There is something special, pure magic even, of knowing you have a beautiful shot right before you snap the picture.

That is what keeps me addicted to photography.

I love every single step of it.


From getting to know the family, interacting with your kids (who are not quite sure they want to participate in pictures), stomping through water and dirt to capture the perfect shot...


I do it for all of it...
















For the gift of being there on a bride's wedding day. Holding her hand when the nerves hit her and capture her smile when the love of her life says I do.

Babies who want to do everything but what mommy wants them to and somehow we still manage to get the sweetest memories. 

Being there through the excitement of Senior Pictures, of mom's not quite ready to let go and Seniors counting down the days until they leave the nest.

I love it all....

Even the hours of editing, and photo shopping ( the brand new kids shirt with a big ketchup stain), finding that one picture in each session you will look back on for years....

All that and more is why every session to me is so important, you trusting me with your family and your memories means so much to me, and the beauty that comes from those images have me so thankful for this dream job.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for letting me be apart of 

it all!




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